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Organic Farmhouse Maremma Toscana

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Fattoria di Pietra

A family-run late 19th century Tuscan farm in the Maremma

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Sleep 2 in 1 bed

Bio Agriturismo Maremma Toscana - Fattoria di Pietra


Sleep 3 or 4

Bio Agriturismo Maremma Toscana - Fattoria di Pietra
Biologico - pannelli solari - camino

The country and the sea

15 minutes from the sea

Our family

Consolata, Mario, our two daughters, the dogs, the cats and the others


Do you like life in the open air? Not far from Fattoria di Pietra there is the sea, a lake and historic towns, villages and other places which have many stories to tell. It is also possible to take part in many sporting activities.

Our feedback

Bio Agriturismo Maremma Toscana - Fattoria di Pietra

It’s a very relaxing environment, where our children were able to circulate freely, looking for local flora and fauna, while admiring horses, donkeys, ducks… it was almost like being on holiday without the children!

We spent two days in this spellbinding place, immersed in the countryside and in a movie-like atmosphere. The room was very welcoming, spartan but well-cared-for.

Welcome to Mario’s little paradise! It’s far from the main roads and the farm’s dogs are pleased to greet you when they see you arriving. The owner is very kind and helpful with his travel advice.